Unlike many Christian churches in our world today, especially those who identify as "Fundamentalist," The ONE Church In Christ Jesus holds to the conviction that many traditional positions and beliefs within the Christian church are based on misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Word of God.  Many people have been demonized and mislabeled by the church because of these misunderstandings.  We do NOT believe, for instance, that Gay-Lesbian people are innately evil and God hating people.  We do not believe that anyone stands condemned before God because of issues related to their humanity, but rather because of their unbelieving nature which is the carnal mindset brought about by the fall.  God understands, loves, and accepts ALL who come to Him, without conditions.  Christians are first and foremost BELIEVERS. All who believe and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ are promised grace and eternal life by the Word of God.   Our human nature does not change at conversion, but rather our carnal mind is exchanged for a spiritual mind.  This spiritual mind does not somehow create or guaranty perfection, but it does assure us that every decision and choice we make in this life will have at it's heart consideration of God and His divine law.  We welcome people of all ages, races, skin colors, backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, etc, without prejudice, condemnation, or criticism. All who sincerely seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ and who desire to serve Him in truth are welcome, affirmed, and able to fully participate in our church and it's ministries.  If you have friends, family members, or neighbors who have been turned off to church by the judgmental and critical message or unfriendly and loveless members, invite them to come with you to The ONE Church!  We know you will find a sincere and warm welcome here!

Professional Christian counseling and psychiatric organizations long ago embraced the notion that Gay and Lesbian people are not merely individuals with sexual lusts run amuck.  It is most commonly believed today that homosexuality is the byproduct of conditioning and/or childhood abuse.  The ONE Church DOES NOT embrace this belief, however, for the sake of argument we wish to offer the following;  It is an ungodly and wicked thing to blame the victim for the crime!  How can so many educated and enlightened Christians in the world today continue to accuse LGBT people of making a choice against God when it is not even generally believed that this is the case, even in professional Christian circles?  Whatever the causes for an LGBT orientation, God understands and accepts the individual without conditions.  We do NOT believe that a Gay-Lesbian sexual orientation is the byproduct of choice or that is a "lifestyle."  LGBT individuals are every bit as able to embrace a Christian life and moral, decent, godly living standard as are heterosexual people.  If God's grace does not apply to and work for ALL, it works for no one.
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