"Bible Believing"

The ONE Church FIRMLY embraces the Bible as the Word of God.  We believe NO OTHER DOCUMENTS ON EARTH carry the same inspiration and authority as this one singular Book.  All matters of faith and Christian living are to be found by consulting the Holy Bible and the Holy Bible alone.  We believe the Protestant Bible, containing 66 books is the legitimate Word of God.

As a Bible-Believing church we do believe that God created the world and all that is therein.  We believe in the literal interpretation of God's Word and do not embrace the notion that various stories (such as creation, the great flood, the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity, the miracles of the Old Testament, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the miracles of Jesus, the literal physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, etc., are actual, factual, historic events and not merely figurative or allegorical tales.
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