Our History

Pastor Charles Burnett-Morrow came to Dallas in December of 2001.  He began the work in Dallas on Easter Sunday, 2002  (March 31st, 2002) with about a dozen in attendance.  We originally met in a Dallas Parks and Recreation Department facility in Oak Cliff at Kidd's Springs Park (pictured at top left).  We moved from there to a facility we shared with an Episcopalian church, All Saints Episcopal Church, in Lakewood (pictures at left, center).  The pastor and people of this church were very kind to us and were very generous and accommodating.  We met there about two years before moving into a rented space of our own on Ross Avenue at Peak Street,This building wound up leaking terribly every time it rained and the crooked landlord caused us to have to move from this location.  We then met in a series of locations, ranging from hotel meeting spaces to storefronts.  Over the years this ministry has seen many ups and downs.  We have seen attendance rise and fall as many of our members have gone away to school or transferred by their employers.  We have been forced by circumstance over and over again to have to move from one location to another, which has hampered our church growth and made establishing a specific physical identity nearly impossible. We have tried meeting in a number of locations throughout the DFW area in hopes of finding the one community or area that would be most conducive to our work and receptive of our message. We finally found our way to Buckner Terrace in 2014, and we have felt very comfortable here and done well, growing and prospering by God's help and grace!     In August of 2008, the Dallas church adopted the name, The ONE Church.   We incorporated the church under the full name of The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc., although we still use our parent ministry name of Grace Oasis as well.

Pastor Charles has held faithfully to the message of the apostolic church, without compromise. He has faithfully persevered in the face of great trials and tremendous difficulties.  It is his staunch conviction that the harvest is here and we must stand true and strong until the hour when we hear the great command, "Reap!"  So, for many years, our pastor has planted and watered with tireless diligence.  The harvest we expect to reap has yet to be brought in, but we believe with all our hearts that the time is soon to come when great revival, accompanied by a great reaping, will break out in our midst and we shall see the fruit of many years of faithful labor.

In recent months we have begun to sense a great stirring and our church has begun to experience some very exciting growth.  We are convinced this is the beginning of the anticipated harvest for which we have so long waited and prayed.  We welcome you to come and join us as we experience the promised revival that the Lord is about to pour out upon this ministry!
Some of our members celebrating the church's 10th Anniversary, April 2012
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The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc.
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