Important Issues Of Our Day:  Homosexuality

This ministry supports and seeks to reinforce ALL people, all relationships, and all families - whatever the sexual orientation, familial makeup or family structure.   We support all marriages and recognize marriage as a LEGAL matter, not a divine matter, as it is defined within our present society and culture particularly.  No church, fellowship, or denomination can claim to embrace and uphold the teachings and example of the Lord Jesus Christ while rejecting LGBT people, their families, and their children.  The behavior of the majority of Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches in our world today toward LGBT people is abhorrent and in complete contradiction to all that is called holy or godly.  The church of Jesus Christ is identified by it's ability and willingness to love and embrace ALL who seek the comfort of God's sanctuary and the support of Christian fellowship.  Anything less than this is not acceptable, and this church is committed to conducting itself in harmony with the clear teaching of God's Word in these matters.  We make no apologies for this progressive and biblical position and stance.
LGBT Believers seeking help, hope, affirmation, and information can visit our website, "COME OUT BELIEVING" by clicking on this link.
For an online faith community specifically designed for LGBT Believers, please join us at "LOST & FOUND ONLINE FELLOWSHIP"
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